8 Places To Hold A Business Meeting

At your office: If you expect your clients to come to your office, make sure you are all set up to receive them. This means greeting them when they arrive, making the proper introductions, giving them a quick tour of your office and explain where the facilities are, and then seeing if they would like a drink like water, tea, or coffee.

At their office: When you plan to go to your client’s office, make a commitment to arrive at the prearranged time. There is nothing worse than keeping your potential partners waiting for any length of time. It shows a lack of respect to the other person. To prevent this, research the route you intend to take and estimate how long it will take you to get there.

At a lawyer’s office: To hash out all the legal contracts and so forth, you will need the advice of a lawyer. And to make sure no one has home advantage, you can both arrange to meet at an impartial setting, which is why you can request a meeting room at a lawyer’s office.

At a coffee shop: If you both work near to each other, you can meet at a coffee shop somewhere in the middle of your locations. This has the added benefit of getting out of the office for a change and getting a boost from a fresh cup of coffee.

At a restaurant: A bit more formal than meeting at a café, you can reserve a table at a local restaurant for lunch. Over a delicious meal, usually shared by two people, you and your client can talk over all the details of your project together.

At a bar: A bar doesn’t have to mean a loud place with lots of drinking and dancing. It can be a more relaxed setting where you have a conversation over a light meal and a small drink. During the day, bars can be the most comfortable places to meet thanks to the reduced number of patrons and low sound levels. The meals can also be cheaper than most restaurants.

At a cocktail bar: Surry Hills cocktail bars are fun places to hold a business meeting if you and your client enjoys the noise and atmosphere of the place. It’s a place where you can get together over some tasty drinks and chat more conversationally than in a stuffy office.

Online: When there is simply no way to get together face to face to have a meeting, perhaps because you live in different cities or countries, then you still need a way to hold the meeting. To overcome this issue, you can arrange to have a conference call with you clients where you and your colleagues sit in one room of your office building and your clients do the same at theirs. Then you use the internet and the computer speaker and microphone system to communicate.