\’Food\’ The Most Demanded Human Need.

We all love food. Food is the main basic need of a human being. Food in general is anything that we intake or consume to get nutrition’s to our body. Food provides energy to our body, helping us do our normal day to day activities. Food can be any plant, a part of a plant, dairy or meat. The food we generally consume contains various vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and also fats. In the past man use to gather food through hunting. Then with the development of human beings, humans started cultivating and harvesting to secure their daily need for food. However at present the food we intake or consume is provided through large factories. There are various industries and factories that produces and provides food. The process that takes place for the food we consume to get to us is pretty interesting. Some farmers’ rare animals and another set of farmers indulge in agriculture. Then they send these harvests and the dairy products to various companies who improves the quality of these food so that it can be preserved for a long time. 

At times few chemicals are added to these food items which are packed and stored in super markets. People also get bored having the same thing for a long time. Humans love to taste different varieties of dishes. Therefore the demand for food in packages and in stores have a very high demand. 

Due to this very demand for food among the society, there arose the opportunity for various industries and restaurants. If you look at the town you live for example, you will find numerous restaurants. There are restaurants that provides various food that differ from other restaurants. There are Chinese restaurants, Indian food courts, Mexican food shops, etc. Food is also categorised as vegetarian and non- vegetarian food. There is also a very high demand for catering companies Western Sydney during and special occasion. This have also provided various job opportunities for the unemployed population, as they can work as waiters, caterers, and cooks.

However few medical experts’ opinion on the various food habits of the present generation is an unsatisfactory one. According to these experts these bad food habits are the major cause for some serious diseases such as obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, cholesterol and even stress and fatigue. This is why having a balanced food habit containing nutrition’s and vitamins is important. Always include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Consume a lot of water after a main meal. Always have a rich breakfast and eat less at night. Food is important. But so is taking care of your health.