How To Experience Indian Culture Without Making The Trip

A trip to India may seem like a dream because it is so far away. Besides, India is a big country, in fact, the single biggest democracy in the world. Indian culture is different from state to state, region to region but elements of it have permeated other countries as well. Here are some suggestions on how to sample Indian culture outside of India until you get the chance to make the trip.
Bollywood Movies Baby
India is responsible for singlehandedly giving Hollywood a run for its money. Bollywood, which is a play on the words ‘Hollywood’ and ‘Bombay’ (now known as Mumbai) is the film capital of India. Although it doesn’t match up to Hollywood in terms of revenue, it outstrips its Western cousin by sheer number of productions. Every year it produces nearly a thousand films. Bollywood films are known for its formulaic plotline involving a romance, a villain and extravagant musical numbers. Till recently, they were also known for their “no touching” policy, but the barrier has since fallen and blockbuster Bollywood movies now feature a quick liplock somewhere towards the end of the movie. Experience the magic of Thai restaurant by visiting a well- stocked movie store in your nearest capital, or order online.
Feel the Spice of Indian Cuisine
Indian food is rapidly taking over the food scene everywhere thanks to its blend of spices and flavours. Called the ‘Spice Capital’ of the world, Indian food is known for its complex ingredients and slow preparation time. There are plenty of Indian restaurants featuring cuisine from both North and South India, but if you prefer to eat in the quiet of your home, Indian takeaway is available too. Eating in a South Indian – style restaurant is an experience of its own: food is served onto a gleaming banana leaf and you are supposed to mix the curries and rice together into balls, which you eat with your right hand.
If eating with the hand is pushing it for you, get some Indian takeaway and try the marvellous food at home.
The Spirituality of Ancient India
India is the birth place of at least two world religions, Hinduism and Buddhism. It is one of the countries where spirituality is a given in people’s life, not the butt of a cynic’s joke. Personalities like Deepak Chopra made Indian philosophy famous, and there are many ashrams and temples where you can have a taste of meditation, ayurveda and other ancient Indian arts to soothe the soul. Beware of charlatans however; as faith practices cannot be regulated by law, there are many fakes who manipulate the fascination of the West with the exoticized East and make money selling false promises. Ask questions and examine the answers you get. Indian philosophy may be ancient but it is always logical, even if in a metaphorical sense.