Interesting DIY Side Dishes For All Occasions

You may have seen when you go to different hotel for buffets, the amount of side dishes they have. Not only a hotel can make them, but if you think off all the ingredients you have at home, then surely you can make too. Side dishes are easy to make and unfussy. All you need is to have a simple recipe on what to make. Here are some ideas for you to brighten up your party and event at home with these healthy and easy side dishes.

Bean salad with cheese

This recipe is very colorful and easy to make. All you need is beans, chick peas, tomatoes and cheese. You can just arrange them in a very delightful way since it has many colors and serve in mason jars or layer them on a large bowl. Whenever you receive guests to your home or when you celebrate a special even at home, make you table look more attractive and colorful with this simple side dish.

Firecracker hot dogs

When you are having an outdoor party or a gathering, this is a easy side dish to prepare at home. You don’t need the hot dog bread for this. All you need is some sausages and the breadstick dough to wrap around the fried sausage. Using skewers prick the sausage and then pop it in the oven for like twenty minutes or until its golden brown. Serve it with some hot sauce. To add more cuteness to it you can cut different shapes from cheese and run it through the skewer. Link here provide a high standard products that can cover your needs.

Waldorf salad

This is a classic side dish ideal for any occasion. You can all the ingredients from the European grocery store or even from your local market. The Waldorf salad has ingredients like apples, walnuts, grapes, celery and mayonnaise to make it more mouth watering. It doesn’t take even a minute to add all the ingredients and to mix well. It gives you the sweetness from the fruits and the rich flavor from the sauce. This is also perfect for a hot summer day just to cool you up. You don’t need to stick to all the ingredients. Make your own sauce to make it more unique and if you have other favorite vegetables, nuts and fruits, add them too. However you make it, pretty sure it’s going to be a hit.

Baked beans

It’s true you can buy them from the stores in cans. But it will be special when you make it at home by your own hands. It does not take a lot and also it would be fresh. The ingredient list contains beans, brown sugar, BBQ sauce, chili powder, sorghum, onions, oregano, salsa and dry mustard. Mix all ingredients well and cook them. Your whole house will be filled with that wonderful aroma that never came from the tins. You can even have them for your normal meals as well.