Must Do’s In Bangkok

We as people have an innate curiosity about others, this is why we love to gossip, hear bedtime stories and even watch the news. No matter how much you argue, this curiosity cannot be tamed and rightly so, should not be. This is why we have always felt the need to travel, it shows us another side of life that we never could consider existing. To see that side of life, to understand a new culture, this is the essence of what travel will reward us with. So today we will be giving you a list of what you must do the next time you visit Thai capital.

How we travel says a lot about us, it is the foundation on which our lives have been moulded and in the Thai capital, nothing says travel like tuk tuks. A common sight in most South Asian countries, it does add some insight as to how the culture functions. Its breakneck speeds and blatant disregard for road rules, might seem terrifying at first, but as you get more used to the pace of the city, you realise that there is a method to the madness. But this madness does not only extend to the drivers but it flows through the city, from the street food seller to the Bangkok ice cream seller to the policeman trying to keep the madness in motion.

Any city is only as colourful as its market and this city is no exception. The city gathers at the market and you are able to observe its lifeline. The market has anything you could ever want to buy from pets to clothes to souvenirs to food. You can stroll down the lanes and be enthralled by everything the market has to offer you and whatever you may need, you will never have to leave the market, everything is provided at, to traditional dresses, to handmade bags to satay, everything you could want, in one big chaotic place.

You can’t really say you’ve been to Thailand and not have been to one of their traditional spas. While their more popular service might have gotten a more red light favoured label, the traditional treatments are quite family friendly. An ancient art of relaxation though now more popular for other reasons, have had rejuvenate effects on the mind, body and soul and have a range of treatments including fish pedicures, hot stone massages, herbal massages and aroma therapy. So the next time you do go to Thailand, make sure to witness the not so hidden gems of the culture.