Shisha Smoking For Beginners

You might be considering trying out shisha there are several thing you can do in order to make your shisha experience a pleasant one. You must try to stay relaxed and focus on the smoking. Keep in mind that almost anyone can try out shisha as it does not necessarily contain tobacco it produces a taste and smoke like you would when trying out a cigarette. Here are some tips on smoking shisha for you to keep in mind:
Mix different flavors
If you want to make the most out of your shisha bar and experience halal Lebanese catering services then you must try your level best to mix all the flavors together. You can try to mix strawberry and banana, apply and strawberry, peach and lemon or even mint and coffee which will produce amazing flavors. You must use your vivid imagination in order to create the best smoking experience ever!  
Preserve the tobacco
Shisha does contain cancer causing ingredients even though it is mixed with honey and fruit. It is just as dangerous as smoking a cigarette. Keep in mind that some mix tobacco with the fruit flavor in order to create a smoky, fruity after taste. If you are one of them then you must try to keep your tobacco in the fridge so that it will stay cool and refrigerated until use.
Use ice cubes
If you want to make your smoking experience last longer then you must try to use an ice cube which will keep the water cool and fresh each time you inhale. You must always change the water in the base too after you are done using the pipe. Most of the time a shisha bar will have a waiter who will change the water for you!
Clean the device or pipe
Most people forget to do this but it is important that the pipe or device is kept clean. You must try your best for belly dancing show wash it so that nothing gets clogged in. Once you are done with the smoking then you must add some red wine to the water so that it will give you a delicious taste each time you decide to inhale some smoke too. Make sure that you do pack the tobacco in the bowl carefully by spreading it in so that the pipe does not get clogged up!

Keep in mind to change the charcoal too. You can do this by breaking the charcoal into four pieces and preserving it somewhere until you are ready to use it. Take small puffs until the charcoal finishes burning.