Starting a Party Planning Company


One of the coolest and most fun businesses that you can start is a party planning company. It is not as difficult as it may sound but it will require a lot of work and effort from your end. You will need to start a few months ahead by looking up ideas online and doing sufficient research about how to start a party planning company. There are a few very important aspects to a party that you will need to know how to plan to perfection.

Food and drinks

At any party the food, treats and drinks are the most important aspect of the party. Without having anything else at a party, food will indeed make a great party. To be a good party planner you will either need to be a great cook and birthday cake maker or you will need to have good contacts with people who are good cooks and bakers. To be honest, you can be a party planner without actually having to do anything but the planning and the coordinating. Sweetfayz Cake Design offers custom cake for every occasion. 

If you are not a very good cook or if you have no intention of making the party treats yourself, then make contact with a number of caterers in your area and tell them of your plans and come up with a deal with them. For example, you get paid ten percent of all business you bring in for them or they offer you a discount where you offer it to the client at full price. It will be similar with a good baker in your town who will be able to able to do all the 21st birthday cakes in Perth South for the parties you plan. Make certain however that all of the suppliers that you choose are of the best quality because as the party planner you will be solely responsible for the quality of the work that is done.

Decorations and theme

In addition to the food at the party, you will need to be in charge of the décor. You will have kids who choose the most difficult of themes and there will be kids who choose simple themes. The plus point is that, at a time you will find that most kids will choose similar themes depending on what is popular at the time. For example, if there is a current superman television show or cartoon on television, you will find that many kids prefer to have that theme so your decorations can be reused over and over, saving you a lot of time and effort.