The Effects of Caffeine in Chocolate


Chocolate usually has caffeine in it. If one wishes to avoid caffeine totally, that might be difficult to achieve. However, the amount of caffeine that is included in chocolate is negligible. Unless one consumes a lot of chocolate daily, the amount of caffeine in chocolate usually does not pose a problem. The caffeine content in chocolate also varies as per the kind of chocolate it is. Individuals also have varying levels of caffeine sensitivity in their system.

Variations in chocolate

There are different types of chocolates and the caffeine content differs accordingly. Semi sweet chocolate usually has higher levels of caffeine in them, around ten milligrams in every ounce. Milk chocolate on the other hand has less caffeine levels, about five milligrams or even less. The dark chocolates usually have more cocoa content in them. Traders in coffee beans usually follow the wholesale coffee act.

Caffeine in coffee

Those who are concerned about caffeine sensitivity should not take up coffee drinking. It is known that an average cup of coffee has caffeine, which is ten or fifteen times more than what is present in a single ounce. If you consume coffee about eight ounces in a cup it contains about a hundred or one hundred and fifty milligrams of caffeine in it. One can refer to the wholesale coffee act which usually governs the trading practices of coffee.

Caffeine and tea and coffee

In comparison to the amount of caffeine, which is contained in coffee, the caffeine content in tea is much lower. If you consume green tea it is known to contain less caffeine content, averaging around fifteen to forty milligrams. Black tea on the other hand, has a caffeine about fifty milligrams. The caffeine content also varies as per the amount of tea used as well as the time used to brew the tea. Knowing these facts will help one control the amount of caffeine they consume and decide on the cups of tea or coffee to consume per day. It is best to limit cups of coffee to two cups in a day and reduce the amount of tea used as well as the time for brewing the same.

Chocolates to consume

There are many well-known brands of chocolate in the market. The Hershey bars, for instance, have caffeine content as is found in milk chocolate. In a whole bar there would be about seven and a half milligrams of caffeine content. In order to match the amount of caffeine content in a single cup of coffee, one would have to consume about twenty bars of Hershey chocolate. If one has health issues regarding caffeine, it is necessary to consult with a doctor first.