Throwing A Hen Party For Your Best Friend

Your best friend gets married only once and the opportunity to throw her a hen party and bridal shower is an opportunity to give her the time of her life while also showing her just how special she is to you. There are two types of pre bridal parties that can be thrown. Traditionally, a bride is thrown a party called a bridal shower for which all of her female friends and her female relatives are invited. All the guests for the bridal shower will usually bring a gift for the bride and “shower” her with gifts and blessings. A traditional bridal shower will be held in the bride’s home and will be a quiet affair. On the other hand, for a groom a wild party is thrown to celebrate his “last night of freedom”. Today however, times have changed and brides too are starting to appreciate these wild and fun parties. Therefore, you will need to think about your best friend’s personality before you decide what kind of party you are going to throw for her.
Bridal shower vs. a hen partyThere are many differences between a bridal shower and a hen party. Although they both celebrate the beautiful bride, the hen party will be a wild night with a live music bar loud music and a lot of dancing. You do not have to throw this kind of party if your best friend is a quiet girl who will enjoy a quiet night in, check this awesome live music bar.
Alternatively, you could treat your best friend and bride to some VIP clubs in Hong Kong to give her an experience she will never forget. If she is a party girl and enjoys dancing and loud music then this is definitely the option you will want to go with.
A nice, quiet bridal shower can be just as fun with a nice day indoor with lots of games and a lot of great food. You could have your favourite music and order in all of your bride’s favourite food. Having a day in means you will have a lot of extra money to spend and you can invest that money in buying your best friend all her favourite things and all her favourite food to let her indulge and treat herself to everything she loves. Board games are a great addition to a bridal shower as well so you could also buy your best friend all her favourite games that she can keep with her for the rest of her life.